4 ultimate tips to lighten acne scars



Who hasn’t dealt with acne. But, dealing with acne is one problem while dealing with acne scars is another.

Even if you have fought acne, the annoying scars can take a lot of time to disappear.

To speed up the healing process, follow these steps and say bye-bye to acne scars:

1. Don’t skip the sunscreen

With sun exposure, the acne marks can become stubborn. Make sure you apply a broad spectrum SPF to avoid permanent spots. A fresh scar is prone to more sun damage. Without sun protection the colour of the marks can easily turn brown from red or light brown marks.

2. Go for products that suit your skin

Look for skincare products with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), glycolic acid, BHA (beta hydroxy acid) and salicylic acid. From cleansers to exfoliators, regular use of these ingredients will help to rejuvenate your skin and fade those stubborn scars.

3. Take vitamin c in abundance

The ascorbic acid, Vitamin C does wonders for improving skin’s clarity. It helps to fight free radical and fades the pigmented spots on the skin. You can look for high concentrated serum or even try making your own Vitamin C serum at home.

4. See a dermatologist

If you’re dealing with stubborn marks and nothing seems to work, consult a dermatologist. There are many treatments like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), microdermabrasion to chemical peels, which have been successfully known to remove scars. Depending on the intensity of the scar, you can choose the treatment and get rid of the scars.

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