Online store demands apology from Sithelo Shozi


Sithelo Shozi and an online furniture brand are in a clash

Sithelo Shozi might face a lawsuit if she refuses to apologise to an online furniture store.

The DJ has been given until Thursday to apologise to the brand for labelling them a fraud.

According to Sunday World, Shozi was served with a cease-and-desist letter through her email on Tuesday after she took to her Instagram page, which boasts over 1 million followers, to lambast furniture store, Nisa WLLCKX Interiors, for a delayed order.

She alleged that she paid R17 800 for a marble table in August. She was then told that the table will take six to eight weeks to make. But after the order did not arrive on time, she asked for her refund and then took to her Instagram page to lambast the store.

The Masked Singer detective warned her fans not to patronise the brand.

“Please be warned! Don’t make the mistake of ever ordering any pieces from this fraudulent furniture operation,” Shozi captioned a picture of the table from the store.
She also followed this up with communication from the store owner, asking her to remove the post, which she refused.

On Tuesday, Sithelo was served a cease-and-desist letter, demanding her to take down the post and apologise or face a lawsuit.

“We are instructed by our client, as we hereby do, demand that you remove the post and henceforth refrain, cease and desist from publishing defamatory statements about our business,” the letter reads.

However, the star remains adamant, as she claims the brand is fraudulent.

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