What not to do when you get ghosted



Ghosting is a relationship term that describes the act of suddenly breaking up with someone by stopping all communication.

Usually, the person ghosting doesn’t give the other person any sign that they’re leaving and often blocks them to prevent any contact.

Ghosting can happen in friendships or even family relationships, but it’s most commonly associated with romantic relationships. Either way, it’s heartbreaking and humiliating.

If you’re the one being ghosted, you may experience feelings of anger and denial. You will be in a very emotionally vulnerable state because you don’t really know why this person decided to just disappear from your life.

How you deal with the situation can determine how you heal and move on. And there are a few things you should avoid at all costs when this happens to you:

1. Don’t ignore the hurt

We are human, and even the strongest person goes through emotionally stressful situations. Ghosting is actually a very cruel thing to do to anyone and when it happens to you, you need time to recover.

If you genuinely know that you don’t feel a thing and that you can move on right away that’s okay. But if deep down it has affected you, take time to nurse your heart back to health.

2. Don’t insist on reaching out

Being ghosted feels extremely unfair and a natural response is wanting to get some closure. It’s tempting to force issues so you can get some answers but it’s more important to maintain your self-respect.

If they’ve blocked your number, don’t continue calling them because they are seeing your attempted calls and simply won’t bother. Just leave them alone and accept that they’re not interested in reconnecting for whatever reason.

3. Don’t contact people they know

Besides avoiding insistently reaching out to them, you should resist the urge to consult everyone they know. Don’t reach out to their inner circle especially because chances are that they already knew what was about to happen.

Instead, talk to those who truly care about you so you can get support because these are the people who will help you recover.

4. Don’t take your business to social media

People these days often make the mistake of posting every detail about their lives on social media. They post themselves crying and put up emotional posts that are unnecessary for everyone to see.

Right now you might want to vent but keep it off social media. People who know the person who has ghosted you might forward your posts to them, which can create more embarrassment.

5. Don’t tie it to your worth

A situation like this can shake anyone’s self-esteem because it makes you wonder why you weren’t worthy enough to even receive an explanation.

During this time though, you have to be careful not to let it shake your worth as a person. It might have happened to you but it doesn’t mean you are unworthy. Shift your thoughts to doing the inner work and healing.

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