Instagram acknowledges Uncle Waffles


Uncle Waffles gets acknowledged by Instagram.

The social media platform has an official account with over 600 million followers on it.

Photos and videos of the Swazi-born star were shared on a post and the caption started with, “This is Amapiano.”

Instagram quoted the DJ and talked briefly about her.

“Meet @unclewaffles_ (Uncle Waffles), the 23-year-old Swazi-born DJ who’s spreading amapiano music to the world, starting with a sold-out debut show in New York.”
“Two years ago I had 3,000 followers; today I curated a show in New York with 3,000 people,” she says. “Thank you guys so much — for loving me.” ⁣⁣
“Get ready to fall in love (and party) with Waffles in a #10Things amapiano edition.”

Check out the 10 things in post below:


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