7 fashion choices that will age you



New fashion trends come up every day, but it is important to note that not everything will suit you. These fashion trends will make you look older.

1. Oversized clothing

Wearing oversized clothes can be comfortable and trendy. However, it can be unflattering. Oversized clothes do not show off your figure and create a shabby appearance. Combine a loose garment with fitting trousers or use a belt to give the garment shape.

2. Matchy Matchy outfit

While ‘matching’ is a great way to style an outfit, too much of it can make you look older and dated. Break the monotony of one colour, fabric or print by playing around with different pieces to create a sophisticated look.

3. Dressing too formally

Dressing formally can age you, because of the degree of seriousness and officialness associated with it. What to do? Dress more casually and break it up with a formal outfit from time to time to keep the balance. For example, break up a suit with trainers and a casual top or wear short, skirted suits with a pop of colour, such as chestnut brown, green or pink.

4. All black

Black is the go-to colour for many due to its versatility and simplicity, but when worn from head to toe, it can have an ageing effect. Wearing black close to your face can make your skin look dull and much older by accentuating the wrinkles, lines under your chin and dark shadows on your face and under your eyes. It can also make you look exhausted. Brighten up a black outfit with a colourful scarf, earrings or necklace.

5. Vintage without a modern touch

Wearing vintage-inspired clothing can be fashionable, but overdoing it and not incorporating modern styles can create an ageing look. To create balance and a youthful, creative look, combine a vintage piece with a contemporary piece.

6. Cardigans

Cardigans tend to give you a conservative look. Go for a denim jacket or fitted blazer instead.

7. Too much makeup

Although make-up has no age limit, it conveys a lot. Use light and natural colours to create a more relaxed, refreshed and youthful look. However, remember that style depends on personal preference and cultural context, so if you are into a trend associated with an older aesthetic, let no one stop you.

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