International Travel: 5 SA food tours you must try



Experiencing South African food should be at the top of any local or international tourists’ list.

Here are five food tours to try:

1. Traditional Zulu Food

Learn to prepare and enjoy an authentic Zulu dish liked by King Shaka. The experience can host up to 10 people and takes 4.5 hours.

2. Durban Bunny Chow

A Bunny Chow is an Indian street food made out of a hollowed-out loaf of bread and filled with spicy curry.

3. Cape Malay Food

Take a tour around Bo-Kaap, formerly known as the Malay Quarter, before learning to make an authentic Malay Roti and curry.

4. Bobotie and Melktert

Get familiar with some local Afrikaans music and prepare authentic Bobotie and Melktert dishes.

5. Braai (Shisa nyama)

An authentic braai or shisa nyama can be done anywhere and at any time. Various communities get together on weekends for a braai and some butchers grill their meat in front of their shops and sell it on the street.

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