5 reasons why everyone should have a best friend at work



We spend a large part of our adult life at our workplace. Most of us are working eight hours a day and six days a week.

With the amount of time we spend in the office, it is natural we form bonds with the people we work with.

Some bonds are stronger than the others and turn into strong workplace friendships. Just like in college and school, when your friends acted as emotional anchors, it is also important to have one at work.

A best friend at work is crucial for a healthy work life. You and your work BFF share the same space for a large part of your day and can understand aspects of each other’s work life that most other people cannot.

Here are five reasons why everyone must have a best friend at their workplace.

1.They understand the challenges of your work

You and your work bestie share the same working environment and have the ability to understand the challenges of each other’s work very well. It is easier to approach them for advice when they understand the intricacies of your work life. They are the best person to turn to if you have had a fight with your boss or are just having a bad day at work. They guide you and support you through your work life and are also your only shield against all the office politics.

2. They are your motivation to go to work

On days when you just do not want to drag yourself out of bed and head to office, your bestie is your motivation to haul yourself to work. Having someone you bond with in the office makes work seem fun. They give you the motivation to push your limits and always wait around for you even though they are done for the day. Having a best friend at work keeps you happy and energetic throughout the day while they help you increase your productivity at work.

3. They are always there to help

Be it emotional or physical support, a work buddy is always there to help you find your way through tough days in the office. Be it moving your desk or taking up a fight with your boss, a work BFF is always there with you. Having a friend to fall back on also improves your mental health. You are less stressed, enjoy your work more and at a lesser risk of a burnout.

4. You make a great team

You and your best friend can get anything done with ease. You are always rest assured that if you and your bestie are working together, the output is always going to be better than expected. They are someone you can always rely on. There is perfect co-ordination between the two and you never leave the other person behind. Success and failure are shared equally among the two and you always have a partner to celebrate them with.

5. They are your constant lunch buddies

A day never goes by when you and your best friend do not have lunch together. You only have your lunch with them, even if you have to wait past your lunchtime for them to finish their work. Taking a break with your friend rejuvenates you for the next half of the day. You start looking forward to the lunch and coffee breaks you take together and hear about the latest gossip in the office.

Having a work best friend completes your work experience. You spend the day with positive energies which also reflects in your work. You are happier and give better outputs. It is important for everyone to develop such healthy and benefitting relationships with their colleagues at work. It improves the overall mood of the office and encourages everyone to work better.


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