Khaya Dladla marks Pride month with a new Mercedes Benz (Video)


Khaya Dladla shows off his colourful Mercedes Benz used to mark Pride Month.

Taking to Instagram, the star talked about celebrating Pride Month, and the hardship suffered years ago for the freedom of the LGBTQ community.

“PRIDE MONTH has always been about introspection for me. To see how far we come from the first LGBTQIA+ March in the African continent that took place in Johannesburg 13th October 1990 fighting for gay rights, equality and apartheid at the same time to today, where people like me are on radio prime time show 5 days a week and on television 6 days a week throughout major channels and major streaming platforms. Same sex couples legallymarried with kids (still working on that😜) The battle is not over but we are headed the right direction,” he wrote.

Khaya appreciated people who supported him and those who attacked him with derogatory words.

“Thank you to everyone who supported me but also want to thank every who unnecessarily used derogatory words towards me, because lucky for me, you didn’t break me but gave me a better excuse to fight harder for what I believe in and most importantly my identity (which is my most priceless possession).”


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