DJ Maphorisa reacts to claims of sleeping with his male artists


DJ Maphorisa accused of sleeping with Daliwonga and other male artists

DJ Maphorisa is accused of sleeping with his male artists, including Daliwonga.

Ex-convict, Bongani Joshua Tsime made the claims on The Wall Podcast with SkeemGP.

DJ Maphorisa is secretly sleeping with other men, the likes of Daliwonga and them,” Bongani says.

The video clip has gone viral on social media with various comments.

A Twitter user dug out an old photo of Phori, that sparked rumors of him being gay, due to the way he was dressed.

However, Maphorisa is not pleased with the claims, and he promises to take action.

“I’m gonna show u how I deal with these kind of issues I will make him pay,” the DJ wrote.

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