Mzansi reacts to Manaka Ranaka and Zodwa Wabantu’s boxing match (Video)


Manaka Ranaka and Zodwa Wabantu’s boxing match slammed

Manaka Ranaka and Zodwa Wabantu finally went against each other in the boxing ring on Sunday night, 22 October.

The actress challenged the dancer a few weeks ago and the fight has finally happened.

Video clips from the boxing bout have surfaced on social media, and it garnered lots of reactions.

A majority of the people who commented said they were disappointed in the two women for not being professional in the ring.

“All those who went to see the fight must ask for a refund. This was more comedy than anything,” a tweep wrote.

“They disgraced women boxing. Next time when people hear โ€œwomen boxingโ€ they will not waste their time and money attending,” another wrote.

Watch the videos below:

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