International musician, Ralf GUM stops Prince Kaybee from remixing his song


Ralf GUM warns Prince Kaybee that he shouldn’t remix his song

Ralf Gum warns Prince Kaybee against remixing his song, Take Me To My Love.

The South African DJ has remixed various songs over the years and it was applauded by fans as the remixes were laudable.

However, the international musician wants his song untouched.

Kaybee wrote, “Take Me To My Love” by @RalfGUM remains one of the most well written dance songs of all time. I think it should be my next remix.

Ralf responded with “DON’T”

The DJ was heartbroken by the harsh response, but he moved on.

Gum returned to show Kaybee some love.

“Y O U know i love you brother, I just always believed classic should remain untouched,” the German music artist wrote.

South Africans poked fun at Prince Kaybee due to Ralf GUM’s harsh response.

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