Rugby World Cup Final: Prince Kaybee explains why he supports New Zealand’s All Blacks


Prince Kaybee declares his support for All Blacks

Prince Kaybee publicly declares his support for the New Zealand Rugby players, All Blacks.

The All Blacks are playing against South Africa’s team, Springbok for the grand final this Saturday, 28th of October.

However, the Mzansi musician says he is for the New Zealand players.

“As an All Blacks supporter this is the first time we coming in as the underdog, this time from the haka to the final whistle it will be chaos and I love it,” he tweeted.

Explaining why he supports the New Zealand players, the DJ wrote, “I support the All Blacks because of their style of play, adaptive planning with sheer brilliance of “ball in hand” and the support they show the ball carrier is exceptional. I’m just not into kick rugby. Sorry if my preference offends you.”

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