5 fruits and veggies that almost taste like meat



Finding satisfying meat alternatives has become an exciting global quest for foodies and vegans motivated by ethical issues, health considerations, or daring tastebuds.

Here are five plants that taste like meat:

When properly grilled, portobello mushrooms take on an impressive texture and a deep, meaty flavour that makes them a popular meat alternative for burgers and steaks.

Cooked lentils are ideal for tacos and bolognese because they have a texture similar to ground beef, especially brown kinds. Mashed chickpeas have a pleasant density and can be shaped into patties for burgers or veggie meatballs.

Seitan, also referred to as “wheat meat,” is a tasty and adaptable substitute for conventional meat because of its flavour and chewy texture, which provide a gratifying meat-like sensation.

Tempeh and tofu are soy-based foods that taste like meat. Because of its ability to absorb flavours, tofu may be marinated and cooked to resemble different meat textures, while tempeh’s firm texture and flavour make it ideal for stir-fries, salads, and sandwiches.

A popular choice in tacos, sandwiches, and savoury curries, jackfruit is a versatile fruit with a fibrous, stringy texture that feels similar to diced pork or shredded chicken.

On today, World Vegan Day, it’s a good day to remember that you won’t miss out on the taste of meat if you decide to switch to an all-plant diet.

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