Gugu Khathi shares a note written to herself 15 years ago


Gugu Khathi ends the month of October by sharing a note written to herself 15 years ago.

The businesswoman turned 33 in Ocotber, and it was quite eventful and fun to her.

DJ Tira’s wife encouraged herself in the note and talked about her future which is now a reality.

“Firstly, stop listening to the school tuckshop mums when they tell you mountain climbing is dangerous, and you could die. They mean well, but you’ve got no time to waste worrying about their pointed questions and judgemental looks. By 2030, where I’m writing from, questions like “who’s looking after the kids?” will become politically incorrect anyway, so you’ll be the one laughing. You already know your mental health and wellbeing is deeply connected to your adventure dreams – listen to that voice. It’s guiding you in the right direction,” she wrote.

Gugu talked about how easy it will be to lose friends.

“You love God and you have for a while now I think stick to him he will continue to shine your light 💡 You’re still madly and deeply in love with the Dj. It will make you giddy and crazy and for a moment you’ll remember what happiness feels like.”

“Trust will be one of the hardest lessons you’ll learn, but darling G, you’ll get through it you will go on to have 3 amazing babies take care of them and become true role models for them,” she wrote.


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