DJ Speedsta says Metro FM paid him R10k monthly


DJ Speedsta reveals how much he earned at Metro FM

DJ Speedsta claims he didn’t make the most money while working at Metro FM.

The star has worked at various broadcasting companies and even blossomed as a DJ who performed at various shows.

Speaking during an interview with Zingah on Choppin It With Bhudha T, Speedsta revealed that Metro FM paid him R10k monthly.

“To tell you the truth I’ve never got lots of money from the actual broadcasting. So i didn’t get lots of money at YFM, I didn’t get lots of money at V-Entertainment, I didn’t make lots of money at Metro, I didn’t get lots of money at Live FM,” Speedsta said.

He opened up about the fees received at other gigs.

“When I was working at YFM doing Hot 99 as well as the Hip Hop Floor, after-tax I was getting about R9,100K wasn’t a lot of money. At the same time, V-Entertainment I was getting between R16K and R18K after tax. So when you put it together you’re on like R25K, it’s not crazy,” he said.

“The actual broadcasting I never made a lot of money from that, I made money off spin-offs even live at Metro, Metro FM I was earning R10K a month, I promise to God, for the weekend show. Live Amp I was getting R24K after tax, so say R30K from both jobs,” he added.

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