Kelly Khumalo mistakes Palestine for Pakistan (Video)


Kelly Khumalo mocked for saying she stands with Pakistan rather than Palestine

Kelly Khumalo becomes a laughingstock after confidently calling Palestine another country’s name, which is Pakistan.

The singer was live on Instagram with fans to promote her new song, but she drifted from the topic to expressing her empathy for Palestine, who is currently at war against Israel.

The number of deaths has been on the rise since the war started, and various celebrities have voiced out in support.

During the live chat, Kelly boldly said, “I am part of Pakistan”. She also seemed broken by the constant sad news about the conflict.

Despite corrections from her followers who were watching the live chat, the South African singer repeatedly mentioned Pakistan, and claimed she knows the Prime Minister.

South Africans poked fun and dragged Kelly Khumalo for the mistake.

Meanwhile, some viewers presumed she was drunk while chatting live with her fans.

Watch video below:

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