How the Chinese predict the future with face reading



People always say, “don’t judge a book by its cover” because you could be wrong.

This however doesn’t apply in some parts of China where face reading is prominent, as a lot of people are judged by just their face.

This practice popularly called Chinese face reading, views the face as a map, with each feature telling what a person’s life will be like.

Basically, with just the forehead, eyes, nose, and mouth, a person’s intellectual prowess or emotional world is unveiled.

Here’s a brief glimpse into how this works;

In Chinese face reading, the eyes are deemed the windows to the soul. A skilled face reader interprets the size, shape, and intensity of the eyes to unravel the mysteries of one’s inner self. Are they deep and penetrating, revealing a profound thinker, or are they wide and expressive, indicative of a passionate soul? The eyes, it seems, hold the key to a person’s essence.

Chinese face reading attributes the nose not only as a respiratory organ but as a trailblazer of destiny. The size, shape, and prominence of the nose supposedly offer insights into one’s career path, wealth accumulation, and even family life. It’s as if each nostril inhales the essence of one’s journey through life.

The mouth, often considered the gateway to fortune, is examined for clues about communication style, interpersonal relationships, and financial prospects. Is the mouth small and delicate, suggesting a refined speaker, or is it wide and expressive, hinting at an individual with a gift for persuasion? Chinese face reading deciphers the unspoken language etched in the contours of the lips.

Beyond individual features, the lines and marks on the face are akin to the script of time. Wrinkles may narrate tales of laughter or signify moments of profound contemplation. Scars might hold the memory of challenges overcome. The face, in its entirety, becomes a palimpsest, bearing the imprints of life’s journey.

Over the years, face reading has been employed by mothers when picking a spouse for their children and years ago, it was used during employment.

Even Chinese medical practitioners, have been said to rely on face reading to help understand the psychological, physical, and emotional state of a patient.

Basically, this practice reminds us that our faces are like a timeless canvas, whispering secrets that transcend the boundaries of time. So, the next time you gaze into a mirror, remember – your face might be telling a story far more profound than meets the eye.