How to style a trench coat



Trench coats are often confused with pea coats, which are as thick as trench coats but pea have a wool texture.

While buying a trench coat, there are a few things you should consider, among them the colour. Pick a colour that suits your closet best and can be styled with most of your clothes.

Pick a colour that will be easy to clean. The most popular ones come in black, beige and coffee brown.

Material is also important. Go for a durable material that you can still brag about after two or more years of having it in your closet.

Trench coats come in many designs. There are those that have belted wrists and middle while others fit freely. Belted coats are better as they highlight your waist and wrist.

Short trench coats go up to the mid-thigh and are a perfect fit for petite body types because they don’t make your legs appear short.

Medium-length coats cover up to the knee, while full-length ones drip down to the ankle. For ‘thick’ ladies, short trench coats are not advised since they make them appear wider.

So how do you style your trench coat? These coats are pretty versatile and easy to style.

If you are looking for a casual look, put on a t-shirt, a pair of tight jeans, a pair of sneakers preferably Vans and finally complete the look with your buttoned-up trench coat.

For a bold outfit, combine a tight turtle neck with a baggy pair of jeans, and your favourite sneakers then throw in your trench coat. This particular outfit needs the coat to be fully unbuttoned.

Medium-length trench coats go well with shorts, miniskirts or mini-dresses. If you are looking for warmth and style, ensure you put on a pair of stockings underneath your shorts or dress. And while sneakers work well with the outfit, a pair of heels will look better.

Trench coats can also be won with an official outfit. Simply put on your complete look and add the coat. Depending on what is underneath the coat, you can choose to button it up or leave it unbuttoned.

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