Behind every successful marriage, is a lot of bedroom chemistry.

Physical intimacy keeps the passion alive among couples who have forgotten what it’s like to feel pleasure and satisfaction in their marriage.

While love, trust and security stand as the most important pillars in a marriage, sex and physical intimacy are no less than that.

Reminiscing the little moments of passion will definitely amp up your marriage if it has been gloomy for a while now.

And so, here are some tips to bring back that physical passion in your marriage.

1. Cuddles are a must!

Married couples often forget to cuddle after sex since they are so busy with their lives. When you cuddle, high levels of oxytocin are released in your body that increases the love quotient between you and your partner. What’s more, you’ll feel less stressed and more relaxed when cuddling with your bae.

2. Switch off your phone

This is one of the main reasons why couples have forgotten to share intimate moments with each other. Keeping your phones locked after you both get into bed is the right thing to do when you’re focusing on rebuilding the physical intimacy in bed.

3. Ah, massages

A slow, sensual massage will get you and your partner aroused for all the right reasons. All you need are a few scented candles, dim light, body oil and a turned-on mind. You have to guide your hands down your partner’s body to relax and ease their tension. It can drastically increase the sexual tension between you both, positively.

4. Sleep in your birthday suit

Nothing is better than sleeping naked with your spouse. While it may seem weird for some, it can be oddly liberating for other couples who have lost the intimate connection in their marriage. Sleeping naked helps you to connect with your partner in a very pure, vulnerable way that may later escalate to steamy sessions in the bedroom.

5. Fantasies

Don’t be afraid to try out the sexual fantasies you always have had in the back of your mind. So, now it’s time to experiment with those fantasies because the more you open up sexually, the more your partner will be able to reciprocate their emotions. Sharing the physical, intimate fantasies will inevitably bring you and your partner closer together.