Lasizwe opens up on how YouTube led him into depression


Lasizwe on his YouTube comeback

Lasizwe Dambuza is one of the celebrated South African YouTubers, but he recently opened up on how the streaming platform led him into depression.

Months ago, the actor announced the ending of his YouTube channel, but he recently returned with a new show called Awkward Dates.

Lasizwe explained what sparked the decision to end the channel during a sit-down on The Hustlers Corner.

“I was off YouTube for a year because YouTube was something that became a dark space for me because people started coming onto the platform for the wrong reasons. To drag other people, to clout chase … and that just left a sour taste in my mouth. I ended up in hospital. I was depressed. I was going through the most,” he said.

Speaking about his new show to TshisaLIVE, he said, “The show was inspired by this UK YouTuber who is also a content creator. Her name is Amelia Dimoldenberg. She has a show called Chicken Shop Date and I was a huge fan of it and how she executed it.”

“South African celebrities have never been seen as human … People see us as these stars and behind the stars it’s emotions and feelings and all of that stuff.”

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