5 ways women can have the best s*x of their life



According to studies, having sex can help your heart stay healthier.

Additionally, some studies indicate that regular intercourse raises immunity and even lessens discomfort.

The quality of a person’s sexual life has an impact on their mental health as well.

Here are 5 things women need to do to make sex pleasurable.

1. Know what you want​

Knowing what turns you on and off will help you enjoy yourself in bed. Your spouse won’t be able to be the best lover if they don’t know what you enjoy and want. They can guess, yes, but it’s not always precise. Be careful to provide this information in an appealing but accurate way. You can do this during a sexual encounter or in a talk you have outside of the bedroom.

2. Prevent vaginal dryness​

According to a 2019 study, more than half of sexually active women report experiencing sexual dysfunction. One major factor is vaginal dryness, which is a genitourinary condition of menopause and often occurs during the menopause transition. Treatment that has a significant impact. Topical vaginal estrogen or even personal lubricants and moisturisers can often help with vaginal dryness. Use a lube or experiment with a toy. Find what does the deal for you.

3. Turn off the noise​

It should come as no surprise that we get distracted given our high-stress lifestyles. Yet it’s crucial to concentrate on living in the now, particularly for women. To fully feel arousal and have a great orgasm, you should be at ease and set aside whatever concerns you may have about your job or the kids.

4. Throw those body issues​

It could be more difficult for a woman to enjoy sex if she doesn’t feel confident in her appearance. It’s crucial to develop a love for your physical appearance and to accept that you are desirable to other people on a sexual level. Women are socially programmed to find only those who resemble models or famous people appealing, but if they are interested in you, your sexual partner may already love your body. A little flab and stretch marks don’t hurt nobody.

5. ​​Trust in a relationship​

It’s hard to have a casual sex sesh if you feel alienated from your significant other or anxious about your partner’s fidelity. If you don’t trust the other person, you can’t be vulnerable. Consequently, although having many partners or having one-night stands may seem crazy, in actuality, we all yearn for emotional security and trust in a relationship.

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