“I have an unimaginable appreciation for it,” Minnie Dlamini gushes over her body (Photo)


Minnie Dlamini pens a note in appreciation for her body.

The TV personality recounts how she was self-conscious in her 20s, but grew to realise she had a perfect body.

Minnie adores her body even in her 30s, as that body housed her first child, whom she had with her ex-husband, Quinton Jones.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “The older I get the more I love my body!!! After having my son and seeing the amazing things my body can do, I have an unimaginable appreciation for it. My body is much more beautiful to me than it has ever been.”

“The reality is things aren’t the same, but this is the youngest my body will ever be!!! I spent my 20s self conscious and obsessed with meeting societal standards and expectations of what my body should look like, and looking back I’m like “girl you were perfect and you missed it!” So I’ve decided to love my body now more than ever before!!!”

Minnie Dlamini shared a hot photo of herself in lingerie, and it garnered comments from fans, colleagues and friends.

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