Cyan Boujee confronts 16-year-old Paballo (Video)


Cyan Boujee confronts Paballo Noko to demand an apology after being dragged by the teenager on social media.

The DJ met with the 16-year-old and asked that she apologises while video recording her.

The video was shared by Cyan, and it has since gone viral and trending on Twitter.

Meanwhile, these were what Paballo had to say about the influencer.

“Why is this old granny coming for me only? lmao professional DJ ya lona e funny byang. Bathong isn’t she the one who made a Tik Tok video about me few months ago, now yena a ne naki ye bana? LMAOO o yena o kwatestsi ditaba tsa Zinzi a le botseng nnete mara at her age hle?”

cyan boujee b!tch come right…”

South Africans are divided over the video, as some applauded Boujee, while others slammed her for bullying the young girl.

Reactions be like:

“This is bullying,Cyan should be going on people her age instead of attacking kids.”

“Is she aware that she can get arrested for assault? Dj e ya nyena a ga itsi go nagana?”

“But guys she’s not attacking far, she’s reprimanding her. Ngwana ge ale stout ra mokgala ka thupa ka perekisi. I feel like she was supposed to have that small nyana thupa ya mohlare wa perekisi.”

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