Munching on a pack of crispy, salty and spicy potato chips or wafers on-the-go or while binge watching shows is something we all love to do.

Wafers and chips are light and most weight watchers swear by chips assuming that a handful of wafers will not do any harm, but experts around the world believe that this pack of happiness may have some serious consequences on health in the long run.

Let’s find out the ugly truth behind our favourite wafers.

1. Salty wafers can spike BP

Wafers and chips are loaded with oil and salt, which give them the unique crispy taste and crunch, but these can silently spike the blood pressure levels, increasing the risk of strokes and cardiac diseases. According to the Mayo clinic, excessive consumption of chips increases blood pressure levels leading to hypertension. Also in the long run it can impact brain health and lead to conditions like Dementia, this is because the presence of high amounts of salts in processed chips and wafers can destabilize the sodium levels in the body.

2. ​Increased risk of cancer

Excessive intake of wafers can increase the risk of cancer. According to a report by the American Cancer Association most processed foods have a chemical called Acrylamide which has carcinogenic properties which can silently trigger the growth of cancer in the body. Sad but true, even the processed potato chips can contain this carcinogen, which increases the risk of cancer in the body.

3. Bad for heart health

Chips and wafers are loaded with saturated fats, salts and chemicals like carcinogenic acrylamides, which can increase the risk of heart diseases and strokes. According to a research published in 2009 through the National Library of Medicine it was mentioned that consuming processed foods rich in acrylamides may increase the chances of developing cardiac diseases and strokes.

4. May lead to infertility

Yes, this may leave many in a state of shock that a bag of chips can actually lead to infertility. The presence of fats and cholesterol may lead to some serious implications on reproductive health. According to the Harvard Medical School, trans fats may increase the risk of infertility in women.

5. Weight gain

Most people grab a pack of chips to replace heavy oily, cheesy snacks but unfortunately, wafers and chips too contain similar amounts of trans fats, oil, salt and additives that are nothing but empty calories, which lead to weight gain. Thus, if you really want to enjoy chips and wafers, make it at home in an airfryer or just bake them.

6. May worsen mental health

Now, that’s a serious reason to ditch chips and wafers. According to a 2016 study published in the US National Library of Medicine, increased intake of trans fats may worsen the chances of depression. Thus, binging on chips to feel good may silently spoil your mental health. Watch out!