“It was a dark phase in my life,” Lasizwe on the “R10 goes a long way” campaign


Lasizwe Dambuza narrates how people pushed him to a dark phase due to his kind act.

During an interview with DJ Sbu, the YouTuber narrated how he raised R2 million to help people.

Speaking about the R10 goes a long way campaign, he said, “It was during the ‘Fees Must Fall’ time, I was frustrated seeing students going online and voicing out their concerns and not being heard.”

“I went on a Live, trying to figure out what to do with the R10 000 that I was willing to donate… friends and fans heard what I was doing and said let’s all do it together.

“When we finished off at 3am, we had R80 000 or R90 000 that we had contributed. When we woke up we were trending and everyone was like, ‘What can we do?’ We eventually raised 2 million in seven days.

However, Lasizwe got trolled as people kept on asking for the money.

“People started showing their insecurities on the internet. The trolling, the insecurities of what we face with the government, people were being entitled.

“Because I am a public figure they started trolling me, saying I’m using the R2 million. Saying they saw me in Cape Town, asking, ‘Where’s the money?’

“That hurt me, I never went through that… It was a dark phase in my life, the trolling just became worse, at some point I just wanted to end this thing. I didn’t want to help people ever again.

“When I looked in the mirror I couldn’t even look at myself because I was started to believe what I was reading.”

The star late got help through therapy.

“It was such a dark time but also a blessing in disguise. I was then exposed to the art of therapy, exposed to the art of really understanding who you are and being one with yourself,” he said.

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