Metro FM dragged for hosting fake doctor Matthew Lani


Bogus Dr Matthew Lani on Metro FM

Metro FM gets dragged for inviting the bogus doctor Matthew Lani to speak on air.

Lani is a famous South African Tik Tok user and he gained his fame by claiming to be a real doctor.

However, he was taken to court and he made it clear that he isn’t a doctor, and never claimed to be.

The aforementioned radio station threw itself under the bus by hosting the controversial Tik Tok user.

An insider disclosed to Zimoja that Matthew was utilised to raise numbers for the radio station.

“They were just pushing numbers and popularity not taking into consideration that people would be upset,” reveals the source.

Social media users called out Metro and slammed them for the act.

“I’m sorry but for me, Matthew Lani’s interview on @METROFMSA was a new radio low. Metro FM Talk is a credible and trusted platform to discuss current affairs and societal issues affecting South Africans. Giving Lani a platform to, of course, again prove he is a fraud who is convinced he is a doctor is tabloid journalism and more seriously an exploitation of his apparent mental unwellness. It was low-hanging fruit to attract listeners, sure, but tasteless nonetheless. My two cents worth,” said media specialist, Khanyi Magubane.

“During the interview with Faith, Lani still insisted that he was a medical doctor. This is contrary to the statement he made last month during his arrest at the Helen Joseph hospital, where he confessed that he was not a medical doctor,” Zimoja wrote.

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