This sea cave is hailed as world’s most beautiful!



That’s right! There is a sea cave in Portugal that is famous as the world’s most beautiful sea cave and cave.
It lies hidden by the sea in Portugal’s Algarve region and leads to a beautiful, pristine beach too, making it a tropical paradise for beach lovers.

The region is famous all over the world for its idyllic beaches, cosy fishing villages, remarkable forts and castles that seem like they’ve come straight out of some fairytale; imagine a hidden beach amongst all this and a cave leading to it and you have Benagil, the world’s most beautiful cave.

It is also famous as one of the most spectacular geographical wonder in Spain and is tucked between two village towns, Portimao and Albufeira. Benagil also boasts of a magnificent skylight, which has thousands of visitors queuing up to it every summer.

What makes it all the more wonderful is that it formed almost 20 million years ago due to erosion! During low tides, visitors can easily access the beach that leads to it.

The cave is surprisingly magnificent from the inside as well and its impressive dome is almost as great as a cathedral, a natural one at that. Its lofty for the lack of an apt word, and its first sight might just make you chuckle in delight! For the best views, go early on a sunny summer day; while it is also great place to be at in winters, rainy days are better avoided for a trip to Benagil.

Hop onto a boat or kayak to each Benagil, for that is the only way to access it, making it a great journey as well. Of course, swimming to the cave is not advisable owing to the rough waves and terrain here. Since it is also one of the more wildly famous attractions in the region, it is recommended that you visit the cave early in the morning.

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