Let’s be honest, life after a painful break up is not a cakewalk.

We all go down memory lane, analyse what all went wrong and brood whether parting was after all a wise call or not.

Many of us think staying friends with the ex-partner is no big deal, a few decide to remain in touch on social media and others feel cutting off all the contacts is the only the way to move on.

Are you guilty of doing this?

This is something most of us are guilty of doing! We intentionally post our interesting photographs (think the ones of meeting new people, running a marathon, going on an exotic vacation or having gala time with friends), memes and jokes with the hope that our ex-partner would also see it, isn’t it? At the back of our mind, we want to grab our ex-love flame’s attention and make them regret losing us.

​This is what we don’t realise

But here’s what we all fail to realise. The only fact that consciously or unconsciously we are trying to gain our ex’s attention indicates we are clinging on to our past. We are still looking for that person’s validation and ways to stay in touch with them. Somehow, we are moving in a vicious circle and not actually looking forward to what life has in store for us.

How it backfires!

What further messes up the situation is when your ex-partner does not ‘like’ or comment on the post and chooses to completely ignore it. Ouch. Can you handle that kind of rejection?

​The right time!

Clearly, trying to make your ex envy your life is not by updating your social media status. You are negatively motivated and doing more harm than good to yourself. The day you start posting stuff online without the thought of that person crossing your mind, is when you are actually moving on. And if the fact that you are happy in your life makes your ex’s face turn blue, that’s the healthiest way to make them jealous.

The most important thing

If you are trying to move on from a heart break, the key lies in staying brutally honest to yourself and accepting your feelings. Do not let your ego come in your way, or the temptation to know what’s happening in your ex’s life weaken your resolution. Remember, your life immediately after a heart break won’t be a bed of roses, but gradually everything would fall into place.

What to do?

The only way you can completely heal is by falling in love with yourself before investing your emotions, time and energy in someone else. Do what excites you, learn to enjoy your own company and be your own super hero. Step into a relationship only when someone adds happiness to your already exciting happy universe. Trust us, it isn’t rocket science!