Zingah to take a break from podcasting as he returns to music


Zingah announces taking a break from his podcast, Choppin It With Bhuda T.

The South African rapper announced quitting music two years ago, and shortly after that, he began the podcast which ran for two seasons.

Speaking to TshishaLIVE, the star has decided to pause his podcast temporarily.

“I was tired and it was starting to feel like a job, and I don’t want that because what sells my show is the authenticity and the conversations. I want to feel like doing it. Because otherwise I can cheat my guest. For the betterment of the product, treating the guests well and delivering great content for the consumer, I am taking a break in December to breath and refresh,” he said.

“I’ve got plans for January. I want to do a live ‘chop’. I am in talks with a 100 seater venue for a live chop and good night.” ‘

Zingah also has plans to return to music.

“I’m at a point where I am making music because I love it. I’m putting out music because people want to hear music from me, so I am giving people the music I make,” he added.

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