If you have these 10 things, you’ve achieved true happiness in life



You keep searching for happiness, but sometimes what you expect to make you happy doesn’t really make the cut.

You splurge on new clothing and you feel good for about an hour before the endorphins wear off.

You think having a romantic partner will make you feel thrilled, but then it doesn’t quite hit the spot. So, how do you get to a good place?

Honestly, it’s about going back to basics. If you have these 10 things, you’ve achieved true happiness. Lucky you!

1. Your health is killing it

You know what they say, “Health is wealth.” But think about it for a second. Without good health, you can’t do anything. If you’ve ever been sick and all you wanted was to feel better, you’ll know how it’s impossible to think about anything else, which means you can’t do anything that makes you feel good or which gives your life greater meaning. So, if you’re healthy, you’re killing it and have tons to be happy about.

2. You have someone who makes you belly laugh

Have you ever laughed so hard that your stomach hurt and you legit thought you were going to die? It’s so much fun and something you should do on a daily basis to eliminate stress and boost positive vibes. If you have a friend in your life who makes you laugh this hard, keep them around ’cause they’ll bring so much joy (and the good kind of wrinkles) to you.

3. You feel happy and safe at home

Where you live isn’t just about having an amazing apartment. Rather, what makes a happy home is knowing that you’re part of a greater community. It might not be that you have great relationships with other people in your surroundings, but just that you’re not engaged in hostile behaviors with your neighbors. You’ve got a few people in your neighborhood that you’re friends with and can rely on in an emergency. You feel like you’re not alone and that people around you care about you, which is awesome.

4. You have family members who are there for you

Look, family isn’t always peaceful or loving. Not everyone has family members who support them. If you’re lucky enough to have siblings/cousins/aunts/uncles/parents who you know love you and want the best for you, you have authentic happiness in life. It’s easy to take these family relationships for granted, but you’ll miss their support and encouragement when you don’t have them anymore.

5. You believe in something bigger than yourself

As humans, we need to have faith. It keeps us going, chasing our dreams, and being positive because we believe in something greater than ourselves. This could be God, the universe, Mother Nature, or anything else that keeps us going. If you have this faith and can connect to your spiritual self, you’ll be able to find happiness because you know there’s a greater reason for things that happen and something bigger cheering you on.

6. You’re chasing your passion

Everyone needs something to make life meaningful. If you’re blessed to have something you’re passionate about, you’re on the path to achieving real happiness. Having a passion helps you to wake up every morning with a purpose to give your life meaning. Plus, when you can focus on your passion, this makes you happier than if you’re chained to a job you hate or a life that doesn’t satisfy you.

7. You’re snug in your skin

Having self-confidence is more than just holding your head high and speaking up for yourself. It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin. If you have this, you can be genuinely happy because you don’t rely on other people’s opinions of you – hey, you know and value yourself! This, in turn, can help others to treat you with respect, so it encourages healthy relationships that – you guessed it – also make you happy.

8. You zone into the present moment

If you can stop time traveling to the future with your mind and focus on the present moment, you can enjoy life more deeply. This cultivates happiness. You can still your mind and go with the flow, instead of stressing so much about tomorrow and next week, which is wasted energy. You know that all you have is right now, and you find the beauty and excitement in the present moment.

9. You seek opportunities to feel alive

If you can step out of your comfort zone and do something that thrills you on the regular, you’ll find real happiness. This is because experiences are more meaningful than material things, like those Louboutins you’ve been dying to own. They push you out of your comfort zone and help you to explore different sides of yourself. Do what gives you tingles, whether that’s bungee jumping off a bridge, asking a cute stranger out on a date, or backpacking through a foreign country.

10. You can fly solo

One of the most difficult things to do in life is have the confidence to get out there and be on your own, without needing someone to make life awesome. If you love being alone, you know what you want and how to get it, and you don’t need anyone else along for the ride. Learning how to be alone also sets you up for happiness in the future when you do get into a relationship because you won’t be needy or feel like you can’t live without someone by your side. Yes, queen.