Gone are the days when dating a person meant planning it days in advance or making frantic phone calls at a pre-decided time so that only the lover would pick up the phone and not his parents.

Also, if it’s about getting the attention of someone new, the game only gets tougher.

Everyone would engage in an unabashed display of attention-seeking tactics like writing love letters, penning poems and whatnots.

But today, a simple text can do the magic. And now a study proves that using emojis while texting can increase a person’s chances of getting a date.

Research on the use of emojis

The researchers at the Kinsey Institute conducted a survey about people’s sex and dating lives, and specifically the use of emojis while texting. Out of the 5,327 participants, 38 per cent said they never use emojis while texting a potential love interest and 29 per cent said they rarely used emojis. However, 28 per cent of the participants reported of regularly using emojis while messaging their lovers or a new love interest.

People who use emojis went on more dates

According to the study results, people who used emojis frequently went on more first dates. Interestingly, the researchers also concluded that such people were more likely to have sex with their partner than people who do not use emojis.

The reason

If you are wondering what links use of emojis to getting more first dates, the researchers have come up with a logical hypothesis. According to them, people who love using emojis display traits that exhibit greater levels of emotional intelligence. “People who use emojis more often may be better at forming connections with others and demonstrate that they are more emotive,” stated the study.

​Reasons why people use emojis

When people were asked what prompted them to use emojis, 53 per cent of respondents said using emojis gave their text ‘more personality’. 24 per cent of people used emojis because it made it easier for them to express their feelings; 20 per cent used emojis because they found it ‘faster and easier than writing a full message’ and 13 per cent used emojis because they found it trendy.

It’s important to know the emojis

However, those who are new to this trend may find the world of emojis quite confusing. Today, emojis are not merely limited to smileys but there is a whole range of other things like animals, vehicles, fruits and vegetables that are used as emojis. It’s very important to choose these emojis wisely.

​Words vs. emojis

Remember, merely filling your texts with too many emojis might send the wrong message. The best way to get someone’s attention through a message is by supporting the text with adequate emojis. You should first express your emotions through words and then add emojis to make it more expressive.