Those who feel they are working under a toxic boss, this article will be an eye opener.

If you fall sick frequently or feel stressed constantly even after office hours, the reason could be your manager.

And now, there are studies to back up this claim. Read on…

The first study

According to the findings of a study done by (an employee-wellness programme), 77 per cent of the employees experienced physical symptoms of stress because of their toxic boss. Not just this, those who worked under ‘inconsiderate’ or ‘uncommunicative’ managers were 60 per cent more prone to suffer from a heart trauma.

Other findings

Going by the statistics, the study also concluded that 73 per cent of the employees experienced psychological symptoms that can include mood swings, feeling a loss of control, forgetfulness and an inability to relax.

​What did the stressed employees do?

The participants were asked what they did to tackle the situation, and here’s what the survey found out. Fifty-nine per cent of them stayed in the job, 27 per cent had put down their papers as soon as they found a new job and another 11 per cent resigned immediately without a new job.

What another study concluded

Another study done by the magazine Inc. found out that the employees who share a poor relationship with their bosses are 30 per cent more likely to suffer from coronary heart diseases. Well, this is shocking!

​The silent message

We all spend a major part of our day at our workplace and having an unprofessional work environment can actually take a toll on our health. We all work hard to afford a good lifestyle and not to deteriorate our health, right? Hence, try sharing what has been bothering you at work with your manager and find a pragmatic solution. Also, make sure you not glued to your work desk the whole day and take short coffee or tea breaks—these breaks help to improve productivity and reduce stress.

Speak up at work!

If your job is giving you sleepless nights and you know your toxic boss is the major reason behind it, what is stopping you from speaking up about it? Raise your concern at work and stand for what is right. You deserve a healthy work environment and no one has the right to play with your health.