Mome Mahlangu forgives and reunites with Tol Ass Mo


Mome forgives her husband, Tol Ass Mo

Mome Mahlangu reveals that she has forgiven her husband, Tol Ass Mo, and the past is now past.

The businesswoman announced their reunion shortly after her husband did.

“We have had so many ups and downs, but Love conquers all I’m so blessed to have you back in my life I’m truly grateful for God’s mercy upon our marriage. Till death do us part forever and always love you,” the comedian wrote.

Taking to Instagram over the past weekend, Mome inspired many with their marriage of over 10 years.

“Forgiveness comes when you stop visiting the past especially when you know what you had to go through , when u stop allowing yourself to visit the past, each time you replay what happened in your mind you giving it life instead of allowing the pain to Ease for the broken part of you to heal.”

“The disappointment will fads, what was done is done but what you can do is rewrite your story take those LESSONS and turn them into your GREATEST blessings by turning your WOUNDS into WISDOM and STRENGTH, turn your PAIN into POWER for your life …. I love you,” she wrote.


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