3 lesser-known benefits of backing babies



Backing babies is one practice we should not be dumping any time soon.

Growing up, we all saw mothers moving around with their babies strapped to their backs usually with a wrapper.

Mothers or baby care givers will always carry an extra wrapper when they have to go out and even back babies when they are indoors.

This practice that has existed for as long as we can remember is not just for the fun of it as it comes with some interesting benefits.

If you have ever wondered, here are three benefits of backing babies;

Backing babies can help to create a strong emotional connection between parents and their infants. The physical closeness when the baby is strapped to your back facilitates bonding, promoting a sense of security and trust. This attachment can contribute to the child’s emotional well-being and social development.

Carrying a baby on your back can allow parents to have their hands free for daily tasks. This is especially helpful for parents who have to still do house chores and other tasks while caring for their babies. Backing babies enhances productivity and enables parents to navigate their daily routines without sacrificing the close contact that infants crave.

Research suggests that backing a baby can reduce stress levels in both infants and parents. If is said that the physical closeness that strapping a baby on your back brings, triggers the release of oxytocin, often referred to as the “love hormone,” which promotes feelings of calm and well-being. This is why it comes as no surprise when a baby is so restless and can’t sleep, backing just seems to do the trick.

In conclusion, backing babies is important for both the parent and the child as it fosters strong emotional bonds, help reduce stress and it is definitely one practice we should not be dumping any time soon.