9 weird things that exist only in Japan



Japan is known as one of the most colorful countries in the world.

Famous for its creative and innovative ways to entertain and keep the culture alive, Japan prides itself on preparing one-of-a-kind shows and projects.

Some people might call them weird, but that does not mean anything wrong!

So let’s embrace this term and check out the 10 weird things that only exist in Japan!

1. Iconic game shows

This one is probably a well-known thing about Japan, but did you ever stop to think about what kind of game shows we are talking about?

There is one called Slippery Stairs, where the contestants have to climb up these slimy stairs to retrieve treasure at the top.

Or the Human Tetris, where you have to try and bend into a funny shape to fit through the moving wall.

There are many more chaotic ones, and many countries tried to copy some of them, but it still is a very Japanese thing!

2. Rent-a-cuddle cafe

And yes, this is exactly how it sounds. You can go to a public cafe and rent some sleepy time next to a girl who will cuddle with you.

The policy is very strict, and absolutely no funny business is allowed, and overall the service is safe albeit a bit weird.

There are additional fees for even the smallest of things, like getting a girl to pat your back or having permission to stroke the girl’s hair for three minutes—definitely an exclusive thing.

3. Smart toilets

Even though smart, electronic toilets are becoming more and more of a common thing these days, none are yet as smart as the ones originating in Japan. They are so functional it is almost ridiculous.

They can assist you by playing loud music to mute any unwanted noises, spread perfume, tell stories, warm the seats, and do many other elaborate, though a bit weird, things.

Who would have thought that sitting on a toilet could be a whole new experience?

4. Ice cream that does not melt

It sounds like a dream, right? This should be very good news for any of you, candy lovers out there.

After long research, Japanese food scientists discovered a chemical that can be mixed into the ice cream, and it stops reacting to heat.

Apparently, this is also completely safe and organic! It does not change the structure or the flavor, as well!

5. Napping on a job is congratulated

Maybe you had trouble sleeping, or it is just one of those days when your eyes cannot seem to stay open, and now you feel yourself drifting off in the middle of a workday.

A problem? Absolutely not, if you live in Japan!

Here, sleeping on the job is entirely understandable and even admirable since, according to the locals, it shows that you are a hard worker, and you simply need a break from all the effort you have been putting in.

6. Sea lion curry

Now, every country has its own original cuisine, and there are always dishes that seem highly unusual to newcomers. However, Japan has quite a shocking menu. Exhibit A – sea lion curry. It also usually comes in a can.

This delicacy is hot and spicy, even though many consider it a weird dish overall. However, it still makes you curious, no?

7. The trains are never late

No matter how astounding and admirable it may be – it is still a bit uncanny.

The trains are so punctual that if on a rare occurrence some journey is delayed, it makes the country’s news that day.

There was an incident in 2017 when the train took off 20 seconds before the said time, and the railway company released a formal apology for that. So keep that in mind when you are traveling there!

8. Hikikomori hermits

That probably sounds like some annoying type of insect. However, the truth is way more shocking.

This term is actually used to describe more than half a million Japanese who, for some global reason, decided to distance themselves from the outer world completely, quit their jobs, cut off ties with their friends, and just locked themselves inside, to eat, sleep, and play video games.

They also call this weird phenomenon the missing million.

9. Streets are nameless

For some reason, the Japanese do not bother to name their streets. Instead, they indicate the prefecture, city, district, and block if needed.

How they manage to find one another and navigate through the cities without getting lost is a mystery. Must be a talent that only the Japanese have!

Here you go! If you thought Japan was quite a weird state before, now you are probably even more convinced.

However, none of it is bad. On the contrary, they are fun, innovative, and vibrant people, so make sure to visit the country at least once!

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