7 bad habits of your partner that might never change



No one is perfect and every partner has some habits and traits that irritate us at times, right?

It could be a partner’s lack of hygiene, no respect for time, forgetting the important dates or anything similar that fall under the category of ‘bad habits’, which most of us which would change in the future.

Unfortunately, there could be certain not-so-good traits that are unlikely to go away with time and even threaten the relationship in the long-term.

These are tough to break behavioural patterns and the problem can worsen if your partner is not willing to work on them.

If your partner has any of these seven bad habits, it is a possibility that they would never change.

​1. Emotionally unavailable

Is your partner always unavailable when you are having an emotional meltdown or intentionally ignores you when you are gloomy or stuck in a situation? Well, being with an emotionally unavailable partner can lead to resentment in the relationship and take a toll on the bond. It’s wisest to hold a discussion on this subject, look for the root cause behind this kind of behaviour and see how it can be resolved.

2. ​I-am-always-right attitude

Being in a relationship with an extremely arrogant or adamant partner can be difficult at times. Your partner might look down at you and their I-know-it-all attitude might impact your confidence levels. This behavioural trait can even turn toxic after one point of time and it’s up to you to decide how long you can bear with it.

3. What about lying?

Well, nobody likes dating someone who lies every now and then. Needless to say, you are bound to have trust issues in your relationship and your love life is going to witness frequent arguments and fights. If your partner has not been able to give up this habit, it might be almost impossible to share a healthy bond with him or her.

4. Ignoring the issues in your relationship

Partners fight even in the healthiest relationships but the way they resolve the argument makes all the difference. If your partner always tries to ignore the issue and pretend as nothing has happened, it’s a red flag for your relationship.

5. ​Being too flirtatious

There is a very thin line of difference between being flirtatious and just being funny with people. Hence, it is very important to discuss what counts as healthy flirting and set boundaries.

6. ​Attention seeker

Everybody wants their partner’s care and attention but some people like to be coddled the entire day. They expect their partner to test or call them round the clock, pamper them with gifts, post romantic status about them on social media and shower them with all their attention. You can always talk to your partner about personal space and how this habit is taking a toll on your relationship. But as they say, ‘old habits die hard’, it might take a long time to change this trait in your partner’s persona.

​7. Abusive nature

If your partner has been physically or emotionally abusive even once, then there is a high probability this habit is not going to change. In fact, no matter how much you love your partner, you must step back from the relationship the moment you witness any kind of abuse.

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