Maraza claims to be suffering due to generational curses


Maraza opens up on how generational curses prevented him from achieving a vital goal.

The rapper whose real name is Sphamandla Mhlongo has kicked off podcast which his named after him.

He talked about how his late father’s mistake halts him from furthering with his wedding plans despite his desire of fulfilling all that needed to be done traditionally.

“That was my plan. I wanted to take every single step and not do it all in one day and rush. I wanted to show my son how it’s done and show my daughter what she deserves.”

However, his grandfather stopped his plan.

“He told me that I couldn’t complete one of the steps (ukuthela inyongo) when his father had not done that to his mom while he was alive,” Maraza says.

“Suffering for other people’s sins is not good, especially people we did not enjoy.”

The rapper said he will do all that needs to be done on behald of his late father, so he can complete his own ceremony.

“As a result, I am married but I cannot complete the ceremonies I wanted to do.”

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