5 destinations where only the super-rich can afford vacation



Although vacations anywhere are welcome, ever wondered where the super-rich go to enjoy their vacation?

Always seen jetting off on their private jets, they surely have exclusive and secret places to enjoy their vacation in seclusion.

If this has piqued your interest, here’s a list of places that super-rich spend their vacation in style.

1. Necker Islands, British Virgin Islands

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson is the owner of this island, who bought it for a whopping price of $180000 in 1978. Once can book individual rooms that will cost them more than $4200 per night, or can even book the entire island for more than $6000 per night for an exclusive experience. Enhanced with all the amenities you can ask for, Necker Island is truly a one-stop vacation stop for the wealthy.

2. Turtle Island, Fiji

Known for being an exclusive retreat for couples, the island has only 14 villas that are rented out to couples, and which are located on the beach. This also means only 28 guests can check in at the island at a time. As per the records, the rent for these villas starts from $1900 per night. From horseback rides to secluded breakfast experiences, guests are in for an exclusive treat here. A-list celebrities opted for this island for their honeymoon.

3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

This gorgeous island in the middle of the South Pacific ocean is not only exclusive, but is also expensive. Surrounded by a blue lagoon, sand-fringed islets, and protected by a coral reef, Bora Bora is known for being home to guest bungalows and offering great scuba diving options. In terms of hotels, there are very few here, while a decent stay at a hotel will cost you more than a lakh.

4. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The wealthy guys love to visit Cabo San Lucas for its natural beauty. Home to Lover’s Beach, this Mexican abode justifies both its name and fame in a balanced manner. The said beach sits between the Pacific Ocean and isolated Sea of Cortez, and is a beauty to watch out for. It’s accessible only via boat, and since it’s exclusive, it’s quite popular among the elites. Celebs like Jenifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber have been spotted here on multiple occasions.

5. St, Moritz, Switzerland

This ski town is a hidden gem of Switzerland, and is known for hosting the Winter Olympics twice. Apart from world-class skiing and enhanced with all the facilities to offer other adventurous winter activities to visitors, the place is dotted with numerous 5-star luxury hotels and Michelin-star restaurants. Mostly, royals, billionaires, and celebrities are spotted vacationing here. Chesa el Toula is one of the most exclusive properties, and would require one to spend more than 50 lakh to book a stay here.

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