“Battered and bruised,” Minnie Dlamini reflects on the year 2023


Minnie Dlamini reflects on her 2023 journey as we’re about to start a new year.

The TV personality has undoubtedly gone through various incidents as she trended and made headlines.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Minnie said she’s exhausted but proud of herself.

“I’m exhausted! This year has genuinely taken everything of me to just get by and to look back and realise I did more than just get by makes me feel so great! I’m proud of me and how well I’ve done! But I need a serious cry because wow, survival mode is rough! I feel thankful but also so battered and bruised. Today was really difficult,” she wrote.

“I promise I’m OK and feeling very loved and blessed. God showed up for me so much in the form of all of you who made my year a success. Happy tears,” she added.

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