Dineo Ranaka dragged to court for not paying R3.4 million


Dineo Ranaka has been dragged to court by a ferry company.

MSC Cruises SA, Incorporate in Geneva, Switzerland has applied for a “provincial sentence summons” for Ranaka and a Gauteng-based businessman Denzel Govender and his company Smilz to appear in the Joburg high court for failing to pay over R3.4 -million.

The star hosted a party ferry trip to Portuguese islands last year, with various celebrities in attendance.

According to Sunday World, Smilz is the first defendant, while Govender and Ranaka are the second and third defendants respectively.

MSC said on or about September 5 2022, Smilz and Ranaka signed a charted party agreement in which they agreed to hire a vessel, the MSC Orchestra for over R7.5-million last year.

MSC said it agreed to let the vessel to Smilz and Ranaka who promised to pay the staggering amount in two equal instalments on December 15 and 22 last year before the infamous cruise, which took place in February.

The company said Ranaka and Smilz agreed that in the event they failed to pay or neglected to pay the amount due and payable on any of the due dates, any balance thereof would immediately become due and recoverable.

MSC said Smilz and Ranaka failed to make payment of the total amount as per the agreement. The company said Ranaka and Smilz signed a written acknowledgement of debt in which they jointly and severally acknowledged their indebtedness to it.

The company said Ranaka and Smilz remitted 19 payments totalling over R4.1 million on December 2 last year and May 2 this year.

The company said the outstanding amount of over R3.4 million has not been paid.

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