Performing to the best of our potential in anything and everything we do is what all of us want.

However, sometimes we are stuck in such a situation where the job we are doing is everything one could ever imagine but we don’t like it at all since it doesn’t interest us.

In spite of our dislike for it, going ahead with the job is the only option we have. So, what to do in such a case? No need to worry about it.

Here is how you can excel at work even if you hate your job.

1. Don’t focus on what you don’t like

Thinking about how much you dislike your current job or company won’t make the situation any better. That negativity will only add to the reasons you don’t like the business or your boss or colleagues, and that could hurt everyone’s performance. Instead, keep your mind focused on any aspects of the current position that are positive, even if it’s only the paycheck.

2. ​Expand your skillset

Work on your own professional development whether or not your company or employer is focused on letting that happen. Try taking an online course or certification class. These courses can provide a diversion from thinking about how much you hate your job and can also open the door to pursuing your next career opportunity.

3. ​Create and fulfill your own attainable goals

When people hate their job, the best decision may be to establish their own set of goals to give their work-life more purpose. Those goals may be specific to your company’s initiatives, your responsibilities, or your own professional or personal development.

4. Take pride in your work environment

While you can’t control most things to make your job better, you may be able to take some control of your workspace. Creating a clean, orderly desk or office can help clear your mind of any clutter and chaos that may be creating an additional layer of stress.

5. Do something you love while you are not working

It is important to always fuel your interests on the side. This can be a hobby, sport, activity, or even side business that is related to what you ultimately want to do. You never know that this could be a stepping stone to starting your own business.

6. Change your mindset

We often focus on what we don’t like and can’t change about our job. Take a step back and know that your energy is better served to design the life you want. You can replace thoughts with actions that help you find a new perspective, put a bad job behind you, or even find a new position somewhere else.