Dating can be hard, right? Sometimes you wonder if you are wasting your time with someone who is not worth it.

Or maybe you are not sure if you are settling for less than you deserve. Well, worry no more, because we have got you covered.

Here are five signs that you are dating a high-value man, someone who is not only a great partner, but also a great person.

1. He respects your boundaries and preferences

Whether it is in the bedroom, in the bank, or in the boardroom, he does not pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do. Your boundaries and preferences are respected by him, and he does not try to change them or guilt-trip you. Your opinions and ideas matter to him, even if they are different from his own. Instead of judging or arguing with you, he listens to you and tries to understand where you are coming from.

2. He supports your goals and dreams

Your success or ambition does not intimidate him. On the contrary, he supports your goals and dreams and cheers you on. A man who is secure celebrates your achievements and helps you overcome your obstacles. He does not compete with you or try to hold you back. When you succeed in life, he is your biggest cheerleader and he shows it without shame or jealousy – he loves every version of you with his whole heart and wants to be there for your highs and your lows.

3. He communicates honestly and openly

You don’t have to deal with games or hidden feelings. A high-value man is emotionally mature, he communicates honestly and openly with you and expects the same from you. He does not lie, cheat, or betray you. There is no space for ghosting or mixed signals, he is consistent and reliable. He tells you what he wants and needs and respects what you want and need. You never have to worry about your independence as he gives you space and time when you need it and does not suffocate you or cling to you.

4. He treats you and others with kindness and respect

Not only is he good to you, but he is also good to others. He is kind and respectful to your family, friends, and co-workers. A true gentleman, he is courteous to strangers and service workers. He does not abuse, insult, or belittle anyone. He does not gossip, spread rumors, or cause drama. There is compassion and empathy in him, and he always tries to make a positive impact in the world.

5. He makes you feel good about yourself and your relationship

You feel good about yourself and your relationship when you are with him. He compliments you and appreciates you, making you feel like the only woman in the world. He does not criticize you or compare you to others. He never makes you feel insecure or jealous; there is no other woman for him. You are never taken for granted or neglected. In a relationship with a high-value man, you are always cherished and loved. The apple of his eye, someone who is protected and spends her life laughing. A true high-value man treats his partner like a queen and nothing less.