“Sickly demented man,” K.O reacts to Nota’s accusation against his brother Don Design


K.O silences Nota

K.O silences Nota Baloyi following his tweet about Don Design and the late rapper, Kiernan AKA Forbes.

Design is the brother of the rapper and was a close friend of the late superstar.

On the 10th of February, the hip-hop DJ Don Design was with Kiernan when he got shot and died.

Since the sad incident occurred, Nota loudly accused K.O’s brother of being involved in the killing of AKA.

The rapper, whose real name is Ntokozo Mdluli has dealt with the controversial podcast presenter legally.

However, taking to Twitter, he shut him down and rebuked him; calling Nota a demon.

“Satan I rebuke you! You appropriated a man’s tragic passing for relevance, a man who condemned your whole existence before he passed. It’s documented. Then proceeded to spew disgusting lies about me and everyone you maliciously and falsely accused. You sickly demented man! No matter how hard you pray to the devil you worship your lies will never miraculously turn into truth. Hell awaits you lil demon.”

The twar kicked off after K.O reminisced about the year 2023.

Watching my career in real-time might give the impression that this sh*t easy. Easy to undermine the fact that I came out hot with the group, took off as a solo act, fell off and got hated for a min, did the impossible when I came back and obliterated the skeptics. I’m humbly in an island of my own if we talking longevity and career span in the game. RIP #Mega. You don’t have to agree, your disdain changes nothing,” the rapper wrote.

Baloyi reacted to the tweet with, “Not forgetting you watched CCTV footage of your precious little brother get given a wedgie while your so-called friend & co-collaborator got lined outside one of your favourite Durban hangout spots… Posting RIP’s like your own blood failed at the job you got for him. Unes’nyama!”




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