Pearl Modiadie and her new boyfriend get loved-up in New York (Photos)


Pearl Modiadie and her new man in New York

Pearl Modiadie goes on vacation to New York with her new man.

The TV star explored the city and showed off some of their moments on social media.

She captioned post with, ‘’And with that, the 2023 season comes to an end’’ Here’s to crafting the lives we love, one intentional choice at a time. Made special memories in NYC with my forever travel companion. As we step into the new year, may our dreams take flight and aspirations soar. May we be gentle with our hearts and nurture our souls. Only one life to live ✨Are you easing gently into 2024 or already hitting the ground running?

However, photos and a video made it to other social media platforms, and it got people talking; a majority talked about how she’s glued to dating white men.

Nota Baloyi wrote, “Is there anything black women can do without a man financing it? How long can women hop from simp to simp until they have t on face the simple life that comes with being aged out? It end in Penny Lebyane tears!”

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