“Her children are obese,” Connie Ferguson dragged for neglecting her daughters’ weight (Video)


Connie Ferguson’s daughters dragged for not losing weight

Connie Ferguson is one of the most diligent South African celebrities when it comes to keeping fit.

The actress has made the gym part of her lifestyle and she’s motivated people with video clips of her working out.

Connie left many wowed this Sunday as she shared a video of her return to the gym for 2024.

People were focused on her body, and she was applauded for being fit.

A famous Twitter user, Norma Kay dragged the 53-year-old for not helping her two daughters, Alicia Ferguson, and Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson lose weight.

“Her children are obese, how come their mother does not inspire them,” the tweep wrote.

Norma got slammed, while a few others claimed she stated fact.

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