South Africa makes list of top destinations for booze-free travel



South Africa has many attractions that push locals and tourists to trek its coastlines and deserts. It also has several reasons why some do not want to set foot near our borders.

However, a recent list put together by Big Seven reveals Mzansi has become a hotspot for those looking to try booze-free travel.

As a growing trend for those who go sober in January or opt for healthier lifestyles, some travellers are keen on fewer hangovers and more memories instead.

Despite South Africa having renowned vineyards, it has become a top choice for those looking to take a break from alcohol while on holiday.

According to Big Seven, many travellers look for once-in-a-lifetime experiences while sober and heightened by good sleep and a clear mind. They are keen for early morning savannah tours, “sober safaris” and the alcohol-free retreats in South Africa.

Additionally, Big Seven’s team said “going on a booze-free holiday doesn’t mean you have to swear off alcohol for good, but it does mean you return home armed with stories to tell”.

Looking to explore options outside South Africa? Here are two alternatives if you are dodging load-shedding and looking to spread your wings.

1. Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco: Morocco is a country of contrasts – dry, desert-like summers and bitterly cold winters. The best time to visit is in spring, from March to May.

What to do: While alcohol is available in some parts of Morocco, namely Tangier and in some restaurants in Marrakech, it’s not a part of the culture. Alcohol is also heavily taxed in Morocco, so if you do spot it on a drinks menu, it won’t come cheap.

Spend the night between the golden, sloping dunes of the Sahara Desert, embrace the sensory overload of the Marrakech souks, completely unwind in a Hammam, and traverse across the spectacular Atlas Mountains

Drinks to try: Moroccan sweet mint tea.

2. Sri Lanka

Best time to visit Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka’s weather changes depending on where you are. If you’re visiting the southwest, the best time to visit is between November and April. However, if you’re visiting the northeast, the best time is between February and September. If you want to travel the entire country, the best time to visit is September to October, which is a short period squeezed between the two monsoon periods.

What to do: After facing economic uncertainty, the country is experiencing a wellness boom, prioritising mindfulness and clear connections over late nights and foggy mornings. Luxury resorts are set to continue booming in 2024 as luxury chains such as The Hilton launch resorts on the coastal fringes of the Yala National Park. If you’re seeking adventure, hike through Haputale tea plantations, see elephants in the wild in Udawalawe National Park, and sleep under the stars along the Walawe riverbed.

Drinks to try: Wood apple juice with coconut milk.

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