Mzansi reacts to Thembi Seete’s steamy explicit scene in showmax’s “Adulting”


Thembi Seete on Adulting

Thembi Seete trends again on social media due to her role in the Showmax TV series, Adulting.

The actress served a baddie s*x style on screen and it made its way to social media.

The video clip has garnered over 140000 views with various comments.

That Thembi Seete clip broke my heart. My childhood crush being folded like rizzla paper,” a tweep wrote.

Thembi Seete is an actress, so I don’t see anything wrong with her role on #adultingshowmax,” another wrote.

However, Thembi Seete might be unbothered about the reactions as she made up her mind.

“You sort of want to stretch yourself a bit and kind of surprise yourself. I love the element of surprising myself and not being too comfortable in the things that I do. I know a lot of people will be like, ‘Thembi seems like she’s very strict with herself and she’s a good role model.’ But, why are we so scared to talk about sex? Why are we scared to talk about intimacy?” she revealed months ago. 



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