5 forms of intimacy that are more important than physical intimacy



In every relationship, intimacy is extremely important. It is what keeps the romantic spark alive between you and your partner and also helps maintain a healthy relationship.

However, often we misunderstand intimacy for something that’s more physical and ignore all other aspects of an intimate relationship.

While physical intimacy is important, there are other types of intimacies that are more significant and paramount in a relationship.

A bond between two people cannot be measured only in terms of physical closeness, as that may fade away with time.

However, elements like trust, compatibility and emotional affinity have the ability to build and grow over time.

This is only possible if other forms of intimacies are also explored. To help you understand better, here are some shades of intimacy that are more essential in a relationship than physical intimacy.

1. Mental and emotional intimacy

Emotions are something that can hardly be seen but felt. It is what connects two souls together, rather than two people. While it takes a lot of time to build an emotional connect with your partner, it is all the more beautiful once you open up and let your partner see through you and the countless possibilities of love and affection you can offer.

2. Spiritual intimacy

Spirituality, as the word itself suggests, gives a sense of calm and peace. Therefore, to indulge in a spiritual intimacy with your partner, means to share common beliefs and values. It is a sort of bond that uplifts your relationship to a higher ground and rises above the wave of conflicts.

3. Intellectual intimacy

Being intellectually intimate means that you and your partner have an understanding that goes beyond social confines and limitations. It is what helps your relationship to mature in a good way, where disagreements and debates are crucial and where opinions are welcomed.

4. Experimental intimacy

Experimental intimacy works wonders on people who are new to a relationship and are still looking for ways to find comfort in a relationship. It is the kind of relationship, where you and your partner share similar goals in life, seek common interests and work together on achieving them.

5. Creative intimacy

If you feel that the love-quotient in your relationship is slowly dying down, then it’s time to hype up your creative intimacy. Let your mind wander in different ways and let it brew ideas to remind your partner of the love and affection you both share. Make them feel appreciated and valued.

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