Avoid gifting these items to your partner



Are you wondering what to gift your partner? Are you unsure of the perfect gift or whether it will resonate with their preferences?

When selecting gifts, there are certain things you should avoid giving. According to Vedic Astrology, certain items are considered unsuitable for gifting.

Gift-giving is a heartfelt gesture, isn’t it? While you contemplate this, we’ll share the rationale behind it.

Gifting is a way to express love and appreciation for your partner’s efforts.

In South African, where cultural beliefs and superstitions hold sway, there are specific gifts that you might want to steer clear of to prevent potential conflicts, misunderstandings, or ill luck in your relationship.

In this article, we’ll provide guidance on what not to gift to maintain harmony.

  • Perfumes: Perfumes are highly personal and can vary from one individual to another. It’s believed that some perfumes may carry negative energies that can impact a person’s energy field and overall well-being. Each zodiac sign has its unique aura and fragrance, which may not align with your partner’s energy. Some say that gifting perfumes can cause the relationship to fade, much like the scent itself.
  • Sharp Objects: Avoid gifting sharp objects like knives or scissors, as they are believed to bring bad luck and may tarnish your relationship.
  • Glass Objects: You’ve likely heard the superstition that a broken glass foretells misfortune. Astrologers extend this belief to glassware gifts, suggesting that if a glassware item breaks, it may also break your relationship.
  • Clocks: Time is invaluable for everyone. Time is associated with the planet Saturn, and when Saturn is afflicted in one’s ‘kundali,’ it can lead to obstacles, delays, and troubles in life. It’s believed that gifting a clock or watch to your partner can signify the end of the relationship, as if time stands still.
  • Black and White Objects: Items in black or white are associated with sadness, grief, and negativity. These colors are worn during mourning and inauspicious occasions. It’s believed that these colors may carry negative energies, and our ancestors advised against gifting objects in these colors.
  • Handkerchiefs: Vedic Astrology considers handkerchiefs as inauspicious for gifting. They are associated with tears and sadness, which is why they’re discouraged as gifts.
  • Shoes: If you’re considering gifting shoes to your lover, you might want to reconsider. It’s believed that shoes should be given in pairs. If a couple is dating but not living together, gifting a single shoe can be seen as a curse and may contribute to a breakup.

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