Maglera Doe Boy listed on Apple Music’s Africa Rising Class of 2024


Maglera Doe Boy honoured by Apple Music

Maglera Doe Boy has been named in Apple Music’s Africa Rising Class of 2024.

“This is such a beautiful era for identification, people really sound like where they came from. Depending on where they’re taking from South African culture and paying homage, but also taking what’s current in the culture and mixing it with South Africa flavours, so I’m very excited about the cultural aspect of it. I feel like it’s about to get bigger, which is great for getting the sound to the rest of the world,” the Mzansi rapper said.

“Proud to announce that I have been listed on Apple Music’s Africa Rising Class of 2024. Amongst some really great artists if I may add. Big shout out to @applemusic for this Michelin star. What a nice way to start the year,” Maglera wrote on his Instagram account.

South African singer Tyla is also on the list.

“I’m just trying to live in the moment and thank God and everyone who supported me,” said Tyla, a 2024 Grammy nominee. “I’m excited for my project to be released and for people to be exposed to more Tyla music, for people to come into my world and see a glimpse of South Africa because we’re dominating at the moment.”


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